Mike Klippenstein

  • Mike Klippenstein
    Brian Baldwin
    Brian Baldwin

    Mike Klippenstein Pro-Rider

    • Race Number
    • Location
      Lake Havasu City, Arizona
    • Age
    • Region
    • Craft
      Yamaha FX-SVHO
    • Racing class
      Pro Enduro
    • Recent Titles
      23 World Titles
    • Started
      Mike has been racing for over 26 years. At 48, he is one of the strongest and fittest riders out there.
    • Training
    • Sponsors
      Yamaha, Riva Motorsports, Queen Racing, Fisher Power Line, Quakyense, Oakley, Blackfoot Motosports, McMurray TV, Gasket Technology, Skat-Trak, JetTrim, Devas Bling, Hurrican Industries, Addictive Behavior Motor Works, Blowsion, Kali Helmets
    • Most Proud of
      Holding 23 world titles

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    Yamaha FXSVHO

    Yamaha FXSVHO

    Riva Racing