RIVA Sea-Doo 325 ECU Speed Control Override Service


The RIVA Speed Control Override Service removes the restrictive GPS speed control function on Sea-Doo 325 models delivering significant increases in top speed. Also allows system to start in "Sport Mode" for maximum performance. "Touring Mode" can be manually selected after start-up. This is a "mail-in" service requiring you ship your ECU and D.E.S.S. Post to RIVA for programming.

Upgraded Tuning Parameters:

  • Removes GPS controlled speed limiter.

  • Increases top speed utilizing stock ECU without tuning or modifications.

  • Works on all 2024 & newer 325hp Sea-Doo models.

  • Can deliver 80+mph top speed on 325hp RXP-X & RXT-X models.

  • Allows system to start in "Sport Mode".

  • Does not affect ECU tuning or exhaust emissions.

NOTE: Stock ECU limits performance for first 10 hours of operation. Top speed increases should be measured after 10 hour break-in period.

Top speed without override service:

  • North American Models: 68 MPH
  • International Models: 72 MPH

Quick and easy service!

Step 1: After completing online purchase please print and complete this form (click here).

Step 2: Package the form, ECU and D.E.S.S. Post together. Do not send us your lanyard! Ship your ECU & D.E.S.S. Post to: RIVA Racing Attention: ECU S.C.O.S. | 3671 N. Dixie Highway | Pompano Beach, FL 33064 USA

Step 3: We will contact you when we receive your ECU & D.E.S.S. Post to confirm details.

Step 4: Free ground return shipping for continental USA customers!

Feel free to contact us with any questions:



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