Ryan Ellefson

Ryan Ellefson
Ryan Ellefson

Ryan Ellefson Pro-Rider

  • Race Number
  • Location
    Menifee, CA
  • Age
  • Region
    West Coast
  • Craft
    Yamaha VXR
  • Racing class
    Naturally Aspirated Open
  • Recent Titles
    2015 LB2CAT National Offshore Endurance Champion. Naturally Aspirated Open|2015- DP2O'side Offshore Endurance champion. Naturally Aspirated open | 2016 - LB2CAT Offshore National Endurance championship Runner up 4-Stroke stock. Raced my N/A ski against supercharged skis.
  • Started
    I started racing last year seriously. My first professional race being the grand daddy Long Beach to Catalina and back National Championship. That was my first big title. And winning that after my motorcycle accident from late 2006 were I wasn't supposed to walk, was a big accomplishment.
  • Training
    I train daily by running, MTB riding, squats, arms, and most important, Riding. There is no replacement for seat time that I have found. I secretly ride 3-4 a week to train and be in my own zone. Offshore is brutal and I find my body wants to give up at times, but I push on.
  • Sponsors
    Riva Racing, Hydro-turf, Jetpilot, Jet Renu, Skat trak, pwcoffshore.com, Temecula Motorsports, Ellefson Distribution, West Coast Watercraft Racing Division, Cindi Fears Photography
  • Most Proud of
    I proud of myself for always finishing at the top of my class and finishing in the top 10 overall. NEVER SURRENDER. I am also very proud of my wife for never giving up on me and pushing me at times and helping keep me centered and on track. Lastly I am very proud of my sponsors like Riva, the best in the world. Thank you!

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