The true equalizer of talent and skill among professional personal watercraft (PWC) racers has got to be the open oceans. The unpredictability of the ocean has bested seafaring men for millennia, and today’s high horsepower jet racers are no different. The fastest ski or the most high tech equipment is no match for the beating your body and mind can take at top speed offshore.

There are few racers who truly shine when facing rough seas, and one of those happens to be teenage phenomenon and Factory Yamaha/RIVA support racer Aqsa Aswar. He and his elder brother Aero have taken the AquaX racing tour by storm – a series that spends more than half of its time off of Florida’s coastline battling brutal surf and erratic swells.

A normally soft-spoken Aqsa boasted, “Aside from my very fast Yamaha RIVA/Dean's Team FZR, riding on the surf is my mastery. As a kid growing up in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, which has a tremendous amount of [coastline], I feel that my advantage from the other racers is that I experience different types of waves every time I [train]. [This] enables me to ride comfortably and without hesitation in any water condition.”

Aqsa demonstrated his offshore superiority in the midst of challenging surf while at this year’s AquaX USA commencement round in Daytona Beach where 4-to-5 foot swells battered other racers. Aqsa commented, “Other racers' common mistakes are their throttle control and wave reading ability. They tend to go full throttle and waste their energy. As for myself, I read the wave and I adjust my throttle to fit the needs of the wave, and try to predict the outcome.”

He explained, “Read[ing] the wave is adjusting throttle control, body balance, and setting up the PWC for the next couple waves to have a better outcome. [You need to] train hard, focus on the next wave, and adjust our body to the PWC and most importantly: know your ski!”

“For me,” Aqsa continued. “I like it best riding in a standing position in an offshore race. When I ride standing up, my chest is above the handlebars and my feet are a bit further to the back to try make a near 45-degree angle and [use] both of my [arms] and legs as ‘shocks.’ I feel best riding standing up because for me, I know that I can control the PWC really well in any condition.”

Make sure not to miss Aqsa Aswar in action in the remaining rounds of the 2015 P1 AquaX USA series, as he represents BNI, Yamaha, RIVA Racing, Dean's Team, Jettribe, and Celebrity Fitness.

By : KEVIN SHAW | 2015

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