The 2015 AquaX USA Rookie Championship is getting some attention for the upcoming Season. P1 USA is proud to announce its partnership with RIVA Racing and the 2015 AquaX USA RIVA Racing Rookie Championship.

"AquaX is specifically geared to provide riders an exciting platform to enjoy their personal watercraft. The series has brought many new racers to the race scene as well as bringing seasoned racers out of retirement. Within the series, rookie racers are recognized by accumulating points toward the AquaX USA Rookie Championship" explained Azam Rangoonwala. "We are pleased to partner with RIVA Motorsports and RIVA Racing to present the 2015 AquaX USA RIVA Racing Rookie Championships."

RIVA Racing has a deep history in the PWC racing world and has sponsored the likes of Chris MacClugage, Dustin Farthing and Jeff Jacobs as well as Troy Snyder, Eric Lagopoulos and many others over the years. To have such a company on board with us and to help recognize our new racers is fantastic and brings an added prestige to the Championship. "We are excited to come on board with AquaX to support the Rookie Championships", commented Riva owner Dave Bamdas."AquaX is doing a great job to grow PWC racing and we are proud to be involved".

By : AquaX | 2015

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