The Patriot

The Patriot

The RIVA GP1800R Limited Edition was developed for performance enthusiasts who demand the ultimate in power and performance. The limited production of twenty five units features a host of RIVA Performance Products perfectly matched to the Yamaha GP platform. Each unit features exclusive hull graphics and red anodized components. Under the hood, a powder coated red valve cover equipped with an engraved number plate (1-25) emphasizes the limited nature of this watercraft. The engine produces a reliable 350 horsepower which delivers incredible acceleration and a top speed of 86mph. To compliment the added power, the unit includes upgraded steering and handling components for complete rider control. The RIVA GP1800R Limited Edition is a race ready muscle craft built for the track or local buoy course.

We don’t claim to be the undisputed kinds of custom-built watercraft - although we’re pretty damn good at it. It’s safe to say that the watercraft we do build are a good representation of what we love to do - take great watercraft, and turn them into a badass racing machine. These watercraft are built in-house by our very own master technicians and guaranteed to make your buddy’s heads turn when you speed past them on the course.

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RIVA MaptunerX Yamaha License RY110SC-TL
RIVA Yamaha 1.8L High Flow Billet Fuel Rail RY12040-BFR-2
RIVA Yamaha FX SVHO 2019+ Power Filter Kit RY13110
RIVA Yamaha 2012 & Newer 1.8L Engine Breather Upgrade Kit RY19040-12-EBUK
RIVA Yamaha Supercharger Shaft Upgrade Kit RY17040-UK-6S5-4
RIVA Yamaha 2021 GP1800R SVHO 'GEN-3' Power Cooler RY17081-PC-TV
RIVA 2020+ Yamaha SVHO Pro-Series Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit RY10081-ECUK-PC
RIVA Yamaha Valve Retainer Upgrade Kit, 1.8L RY19040-SRU
RIVA Yamaha GP1800 & 2015+ VXR/VXS Rear Exhaust Kit RY15061


Solas Yamaha 160mm Concord 13/18 Impeller YV-CD-13/18
RIVA Yamaha 'GEN-2' GP1800 SVHO Pump Seal Kit RY25110-1
RIVA Yamaha 'GEN-2' GP1800 & VXR/VXS/VX Ride Plate RY22110-1
RIVA Yamaha 2021 GP1800R Pro-Series Steering System RY20110
RIVA PRO-BAR 30" Runabout Bars RY205BK-BAR-2
RIVA Yamaha RiDE Throttle Housing Cover Plate RY24110-SC
RIVA ODI Grip End Cap & Clamp Kit RY206
ODI Ruffian Lock-On Grips, 130mm, No Flange, Black L31RGB-S
RIVA Yamaha GP1800, VXR/VXS, 2019-21 FX & 2016+ VX Pro-Series Sponsons RY26120


RIVA Yamaha 2021 GP1800R Seat Cover - Black/ Blue Stitch RY5-GP17-2