R&D Kawasaki SX-R 1500 High Flow Rear Exhaust Kit (for Modified Waterbox)

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The R&D SXR 2.250” High Flow Rear Exhaust Kit is a “Must Have” kit for better Holeshot and Top End Performance! The high flow kit is designed to be used with High Performance power adders like camshaft kits, and 14-1 Piston kits. The R&D Kit will add a huge difference in “Holeshot” low end and midrange acceleration by eliminating exhaust back pressure. The R&D kit is made from mandrel formed aluminum tubing to eliminate all oem hoses known to burn with high horsepower. The kit also comes complete with a guide fixture needed to cut and gut out the stock restrictive water box. R&D has chosen to modify the stock water box, and maintain the oem exhaust routing to keep water out of the engine in case there is that occasional tip over or rollover, your engine will not get “Swamped” with water that can be catastrophic! The R&D High Flow Exhaust Kit will add a great look and performance muscle sound to the SXR while maintaining a safe sound level under IJSBA and Coast Guard approved 86db. The R&D kit has been tested with all levels of performance Mods from recreational stock to 70 mph OPEN CLASS. Yes, those speeds (68-70 mph) are achievable with a modified SXR! The kits exhaust outlet flange is available in four anodized colors, red, black, green, and clear. Specify color when ordering.

NOTE: The R&D Kit is available in two performance options, One for Modified waterboxes, and one designed specifically for the stock waterbox (Part# 331-81510) where rules restrictions require stock water boxes (Like Limited or Superstock Classes).

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