Eric Lagopoulos

  • Eric Lagopoulos
    Eric Lagopoulos
    Eric Lagopoulos

    Eric Lagopoulos Pro-Rider

    • Race Number
    • Location
      Sarasota, FL
    • Age
    • Region
    • Craft
      Yamaha FX SVHO
    • Racing class
      Pro Runabout
    • Recent Titles
      2014 850 class Aqua Racing, 2014 SeaDoo Bounty, 2nd World Finals Pro 800 Super Stock
    • Started
      When he was a kid, he was into all water-sports so naturally he ended up on a 300 cc stand-up and fell in love with riding. Eventually in the early 90’s he bought a Sea-Doo and that’s all she wrote, he's been riding a Sea-Doo ever since!
    • Training
      TRX, Mountain Biking, Wakeboarding
    • Sponsors
      RIVA Racing, JetPilot, Fly, Hydrotec, Shorai Batteries
    • Most Proud of
      With over 20 years of pro racing, earning 5 world titles and 7 national championships Eric is versatile in both offshore and closed course racing.

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    Yamaha FX SVHO

    Riva Racing