Valentina Lezcano

Valentina Lezcano
Valentina Lezcano

Valentina Lezcano Pro-Rider

  • Race Number
  • Location
    Miami, Florida
  • Age
  • Region
  • Craft
    Yamaha 2018 VXR, Yamaha EX, Yamaha 2018 GP 1800
  • Racing class
    IROC stock, Runabout Box Stock, Naturally Aspirated
  • Recent Titles
    Women’s runabout Prowatercross world champion 2nd overall
  • Started
    Been on a Jetski ever since I could walk, racing since 2018 but this is only the beginning.
  • Training
    Weight lifting, Running, CrossFit
  • Sponsors
    Miami Jetski Shop, Jet Tribe, aquasport, Mitchells Welding.
  • Most Proud of
    Prowatercross women’s world champion title, raced among supercharged bikes with my naturally aspirated VXR (non-supercharged)

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Yamaha VXR

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