Pro Services

Pro Shop Services
NOTE: Please contact our parts representatives toll free at (800) 241-4544 or via e-mail at to have any of the below listed services performed. Do not send in any parts for modification prior to contacting RIVA. Always include full name, return address, city, state & zip, daytime phone number and a detailed list of the modification(s) to be performed including part numbers when possible. Clearly mark the outside of your package with your parts representatives name.

Crankshaft Truing and Welding
YAMAHA, SEA•DOO & KAWASAKI (2-stroke only)

Provides smooth operation at high rpm and prevents modified engines from twisting crank. New OE Crankshafts are trued to exact tolerances with precision fixtures and dial indicator gauges, then crank pins are welded. A must for high output engines.

NOTE: A $25.00 service charge will be applied for those cranks sent in with flywheel and/or coupler attached. They must be removed to perform service.

T&W Service, Twin Crank RYS1090E
T&W Service, Triple Crank RYS1090E-3

Cylinder Boring & Honing
YAMAHA, SEA•DOO & KAWASAKI (2-stroke only)

Our precision bore and hone services are performed with state-of-the-art Quick-Way® boring bars and a computerized Serv-Equip® honing center.

Twin cylinder boring, (std to 0.5mm) RYS1001-B
Twin cylinder Big boring, (< 0.5mm) RYS1001-BB
Single cylinder boring service RYS1001-B1
Triple cylinder boring, (std to 0.5mm) RYS10013-B
Triple cylinder Big boring, (< 0.5mm) RYS10013-BB
Cylinder re-sleeve service, 1 to 3 cylinders, (labor only) RYS1001-SLEEVE
Cylinder re-Nikasil Service, 1 cylinder (66E/66V/60T) RYS10017
Cylinder Repair & re-Nikasil Service, 1 cylinder (66E/66V/60T) RYS10017-R

Cylinder Head Modification
YAMAHA, SEA•DOO & KAWASAKI (2-stroke only)

We deck your stock cylinder head and reshape the combustion chambers to increase compression safely. Low-end punch and mid-range pull are increased. For 92+ octane pump fuel applications.

NOTE: A $25.00 service charge will be applied for those cylinder heads that have gasket material. It must be removed to perform service.

Head Modification For Twin OE Cylinder Head RYS10021
Head Modification For Triple OE Cylinder Head, (Except 66V) RYS10023
Head Modification For Triple OE Cylinder Head, 1200 PV (66V) RYS10023-66V
Head Modification For Triple OE Cylinder Head, 1300 PV (60T) RYS10023-60T

Pump Gas Porting
YAMAHA (2-stroke only)

Our reliable, high performance Pump Gas Porting provides a substantial increase in acceleration and top speed. Redesigned exhaust and transfer ports deliver significant power gains on 92+ octane pump fuel.

Cylinder Porting Service, Pump Gas (61X) RYS10011-61X-PG
Cylinder Porting Service, Pump Gas (62T) RYS10011-62T-PG
Cylinder Porting Service, Pump Gas (64X) RYS10011-64X-PG
Cylinder Porting Service, Pump Gas (65U) RYS10013-65U-PG

Crankcase Porting
YAMAHA (2-stroke only)

Our case porting service includes careful rounding, matching and polishing of critical areas of fuel flow in crankcase. Recommended for improved performance in both racing and recreational applications.

Crankcase Porting, all Twins RYS1081
Crankcase Porting, 1100/1200 (except 66V) RYS1081-65U
Crankcase Porting, 1200 Powervalve only (66V60T) RYS1081-66V

YAMAHA Crankcase Application Chart
6M6 650LX, VXR650, WRIII650, SJ650
ProVXR 701, WRIII701
SJ700 (`94~95), WaveBlaster1 (`93~95)
Raider 701 (`96~97)
SJ700 (`96+), WaveBlaster (`96+),
Raider Deluxe, XL700, Venture 700
GP760, WaveBlaster2, Raider 760
Venture 760, XL760
63M Raider 1100, Venture 1100
65U GP1200, XL1200, SUV1200
66E GP800, GP800R, XL800, XLT800
66V GP1200R, XL1200Ltd, XLT1200
60T GP1300R

Crankcase Boring
YAMAHA (2-stroke only)

Crankcase boring is necessary to accomodate Riva’s thick Superstock and Big Bore Racing Sleeves. Cases are precision bored to ensure a close tolerance between cylinder sleeve and crankcase mating surfaces.

Crankcase Boring, Twin & Triple (all) RYS108

Pump Porting
YAMAHA (2-stroke only)

Pump veins are opened up and sharpened to increase pump efficiency and thrust. Casting imperfections are removed and blended. Provides noticeably better hook-up and reduced cavitation.

Pump Porting Service (all) RYS3109