Riding Tips


Choosing the Right Gear: Racing vs. Riding

If you own a personal watercraft, by now you’ve likely realized that not every day is a bikini or board shorts occasion out on the water. Whether you are exclusively a recreational rider, or if you enjoy dabbling in a little bit of PWC racing, we’ve broken down some riding gear...


BRANDING: What it is, and why you should be doing it

My dad always told me, “you can sell anyone a turd if you polish it enough”. That’s branding. No matter the product, brand, or person, if you market it just right – you’ll sell it. In the business of racing, a great brand and image is almost as important as the racing...


5 Tips for Improved Riding

In personal watercraft racing, improvement is the hardest part. It’s easy to throw a ski together and go out to the races, smoke some beginners and think you’re the best racer around. It isn’t until you line up next to the guy who’s been racing a year longer than you that you get...


3 Easy Upgrades to Take Your Ski to the Next Level

So you’ve done it. You’ve lined up at your first race, you felt the thrill – you’re hooked. You either took the win, or came up short – and now you’re hungry for domination. You may not be a complete beginner anymore, but pump the brakes for a sec. Before you drop serious...


5 Must Haves to Start Racing a Jet Ski

Five years ago, when I lined up on the starting line for the first time, I had a sense of excitement and adrenaline that still creeps over me at every race I compete in. But, looking back at my first race five years and one world championship later – I would’ve worn some cooler gear!...


Learn to Ride like a Pro

Having owned a ski for less than a year, I had a lot to learn (and fast) about what it takes to really ride one of these machines, and taking the time to learn from some of the best has really paid off. Whether you prefer to ride at the lake or in the open ocean, here are some tips to help...


Building a PWC to Win - Drag & Closed Course Racing with Troy Snyder

Is it possible to set up a personal watercraft for both drag racing and closed course and remain competitive in both schools? If not, what’s needed to be competitive in either genres? And, what are the outlying differences between either setups? These questions served as the perimeters...


How to Race in The Ocean With Aqsa Aswar

The true equalizer of talent and skill among professional personal watercraft (PWC) racers has got to be the open oceans. The unpredictability of the ocean has bested seafaring men for millennia, and today’s high horsepower jet racers are no different. The fastest ski or the most high...


Troy Snyder: How to Corner

Being fast on the racecourse isn’t just about having the most powerful watercraft out on the water. A lot of speed and precious time can be lost (or gained) in the corners. Executing a flawless corner around a buoy can make or break a race, so knowing what it takes to make a turn and even...


Cody Hawkins: How to Holeshot

Sometimes we forget the little things. Sometimes the little things may be what win us the race. Those little things don’t seem so little when we find ourselves at the back of the pack headed into the first turn at 80-plus-mph. So what makes someone a better starter than the guy next...


How to Pass With Erminio Iantosca

Safe racing is fast racing, particularly when considering a collision can result in either serious injury to you, your ski, the other racer, or in the least bit, a disqualification from the event. At no point is "rubbin' is racin" a good idea. Even the slightest of contacts can slow...