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Giving you the ins on what’s happening in the PWC Racing scene. Find out about our new parts and how our team riders go as fast as they do. Straight from the man him self.

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The NEW 2018 RIVA Racing RXT-X 350 Custom Build

For the last few years, RIVA Racing has offered a specialty-built, Limited Edition high-horsepower, top-of-the-line performance racecraft (built in production runs of 25). This is not one of them. Rather, the 2018 RIVA Racing Sea-Doo RXT-X 350 is a true 350-horsepower machine that you can...


Up Close with RIVA Racing's Pro Series Sponsons

Since the earliest, and admittedly crudest, attempts at drafting a proper sponson for a personal watercraft were first made, the effort to improve upon the design, to achieve a proper compliment to the shape and contours of the hull, and to improve the attitude of the craft itself has...


Slippery Youth Hydro Nylon Vest

The battle of preferences over neoprene versus nylon rages on until this day. Many bemoan neoprene for sticking to their skin or causing undue perspiration, while other rile against nylon for being itchy, coarse and chaffing against their skin. The decision which is best is all but entirely...


Seven Deadly Questions with Chris Saxon

RIVA Racing: Thanks for meeting with us, Chris Saxon. As one of the RIVA Racing Support Team racers, you made a big move this year. How has your transition from Amateur to Professional gone? Chris Saxon: The transition from Amateur to Pro has been challenging. These guys in the Pro...


Racing & Fitness with RIVA Team Rider Erminio Iantosca

Everyone knows that fitness is a big part of any racing regimen. Everyone's body is different, but here are some tips that help me to train for personal watercraft racing. I find that crossfit works really well for me and is the closest thing to simulating a race moto. It is not only...


Learn to Ride like a Pro

Having owned a ski for less than a year, I had a lot to learn (and fast) about what it takes to really ride one of these machines, and taking the time to learn from some of the best has really paid off. Whether you prefer to ride at the lake or in the open ocean, here are some tips to help...

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