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Giving you the ins on what’s happening in the PWC Racing scene. Find out about our new parts and how our team riders go as fast as they do. Straight from the man him self.

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The 2018 IJSBA World Finals Have Begun!

It's that time of year again where the entire watercraft industry descends upon the Crazy Horse Campgrounds in Lake Havasu City, Arizona for a marathon week of racing. Champions will be made and dreams will come crumbling down as the best in the industry battle for the coveted IJSBA World...


Choosing the Right Gear: Racing vs. Riding

If you own a personal watercraft, by now you’ve likely realized that not every day is a bikini or board shorts occasion out on the water. Whether you are exclusively a recreational rider, or if you enjoy dabbling in a little bit of PWC racing, we’ve broken down some riding gear...


BRANDING: What it is, and why you should be doing it

My dad always told me, “you can sell anyone a turd if you polish it enough”. That’s branding. No matter the product, brand, or person, if you market it just right – you’ll sell it. In the business of racing, a great brand and image is almost as important as the racing...


Product Review: RIVA Racing Offshore Rashguard

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten our hands on any new riding apparel that we’ve actually liked wearing. While more hardcore riders don’t find product reviews such as these terribly titillating, the majority of folks looking for the right gear, equipment and accessories to increase...


Top Speed with RIVA Racing's Stage 3 2018 RXT-X 300

My impatience had turned into visual frustration as the azure blue sky above Pompano Beach, Florida, faded into silver clouds, eventually darkening into an impending storm. Thankfully, I had arrived at RIVA Racing ‘s secret testing lake nearly an hour earlier than I had been asked to,...


To the Races with Team JetX

Seasons and skis may come and go, but year after year Team JetX has been a strong name in PWC racing. Team JetX is the team in the pits you simply can’t miss. Their massive tents can be seen down the beach, and their laughter can be heard even over the roar of the race. But even the most...

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