Riding season is here! If you're just getting into the riding scene, it is the perfect time to start looking at skis, but we know that buying your first pwc can be a little intimidating. To help out, we've put together some tips on what to consider when you're doing your search.

Do Your Research

When you decide to buy a jet ski, doing your research is the first and most important thing to do. There are a lot of different types of skis out there, so you will want to do research on what kind of ski will work best for you. If you're toting the family around, you might want to look into a big, sit-down three-seater ski, like a couple of the Yamaha's you see in this blog's picture. If you want to go fast by yourself, maybe you want a stand up like the Kawasaki SX-R 1500. Aside from which ski is right for you, when you're clicking through those Jet Ski for sale ads, make sure you see if it comes with a trailer and it comes with the proper paperwork.

Shop Smart

These days, there are two options in pwc shopping: buying from a dealer or shopping online. The safest route to buying a Jet Ski these days is finding one at a local dealership or Jet Ski shop. Buying a pwc from a reputable seller gives you the opportunity to check reviews and information from other customers. It can often be more expensive to buy a jet ski brand new, but some dealerships offer financing programs, or sell used jet skis. If you are looking for a bargain, you can check your local internet hot spots for a used ski.

Be a Google Whiz

Gone are the times of checking the local ads in the paper - if you want to find a jet ski for sale, your best bet is hitting the internet. The best places to search are general search engines, Craigslist, and social media forums. To buy a brand-new jet ski, try searching local jet ski dealerships. Places like RIVA Racing will have new skis on the showroom floor for you to see and touch, and have PWC experts on hand to help you figure out which ski is best for you, and your budget. RIVA Motorsports , RIVA Racing and other dealers also offer pre-owned Jet Skis that might be more affordable, but will still run great.

Get Prepped

When you go to pick up your new ski, make sure you have everything you need - don't be caught without necessities like tie downs, life vests, and your license and registration. Sometimes skis come with tie downs, but a lot of time the seller may not always be willing to part ways with their ratchet straps or tie downs. Make sure you pick up some tie downs so you can secure the jet ski to your trailer safely for transportation. Having a life vest for your ski is the number one safety tool. Just in case you have the chance to give your new ride a test drive, make sure you have a U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest ready for use. These are required on the water and you'll be needing one to have fun. Some states will require that you have a PWC license to take your ski out on the water so make sure you have your license and registration available. Also, make sure you do some research for the requirements in the areas you plan to ride your jet ski at. If you need to carry a license, we recommend picking up a waterproof carrying case to keep it safe and dry.

Buying your first jet ski, or any pwc, can be a scary process, but if you do careful research before you commit, you'll be on the water having a blast in no time. Happy riding!

By Anna Glennon | 2019