Seasons and skis may come and go, but year after year Team JetX has been a strong name in PWC racing. Team JetX is the team in the pits you simply can’t miss. Their massive tents can be seen down the beach, and their laughter can be heard even over the roar of the race. But even the most successful race teams have humble roots.

Team JetX was founded by Ryan Dalli, a talented watercraft mechanic and PWC enthusiast. After joking with a friend about a ficitious company called “JetX” Dalli made the decision to make it a reality. Putting his skills to the test in the greater Toronto area.

JetX began as a door-to-door personal watercraft service. Dalli would travel to people’s homes, cottages and boat slips to take care of their precious toys. As JetX grew and became well-established, Dalli worked to become a Riva Racing dealer and factory sponsored Sea Doo race team, allowing them to fly to great heights in the industry.

The JetX team began with Ryan Dalli, but has grown to include world champion stand up PWC racer and newly-turned runabout racer Dave Davidson, as well as Marco Mango, Jay Edworthy, and the rising star Sydney Czarcinski.

Once just a mechanic with a dream, Dali has now become the team manager and head mechanic for team JetX, exclusively racing Sea Doo watercraft.

“Sea Doo has always been a top-notch brand.” Dalli said. “They are always changing and evolving to help make Sea Doo ownership fun yet practical for its customers. They are the chameleon of watercraft, much like JetX. In order to survive in Canada as a business owner working in a seasonal market you have to continue to change and push the limits in order to stay on top. Sea Doo has managed to do this over the years as successfully as JetX has. We are proud to have them as a title sponsor this year!”.

As one could imagine, the watercraft racing scene in the Toronto area is limited. The JetX team braves the freezing temperatures during the off-season to prepare for a summer of travelling throughout the United States chasing championships. This season, JetX aims to compete in the P1 AquaX Circuit, and plans to add a 3rd Great Lakes Championship title to their belt.

After a successful 2017 season, team JetX’s runabout star, Jay Edworthy, caused quite a buzz at P1 Aqua X. After a wild season in 2017, Edworthy started off 2018 with a bang – coming into P1 Aqua X as a dark horse, and shaking things up. Edworthy placed 4th at the first round in Miami, edging out the 2017 world champion, Brian Baldwin.

“No one can deny he [Edworthy] is one of the most determined people that any of us have ever met. Last year he was coined the ‘Iron Man of AquaX’ and he stays true to his name.” Dali said. “If nothing else you know that if you’re working with Jay towards a common goal he will give you 1000%, and that's all anyone can ask for.”

From an enthusiast, to a mechanic, to a successful team owner, Dalli has truly done it all. He makes it a point to not only promote his team, but the sport of PWC racing with upmost respect and positivity.

We definitely don’t do this for fame or fortune” Dali explained. “It [the race team] allows us to do something cool and different with a bunch of great people who have fun and support each other fully. It has allowed us to visit places we would have never had the privilege of seeing, meeting people who otherwise would have remained strangers to us and allowed those of us with kids to continue to do things as a family.”

For more information on JETX, visit their website

By Anna Glennon | 2018