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Everyone knows that fitness is a big part of any racing regimen. Everyone's body is different, but here are some tips that help me to train for personal watercraft racing.

I find that crossfit works really well for me and is the closest thing to simulating a race moto. It is not only a high intensity workout but very competitive since each workout completed is based on time. First, I recommend you start with getting a heart rate monitor, it is a big part of my training. The heart monitor will show you where you can push your body so that you can take it to the next level and it will make those race motos on your watercraft that much easier. I also like to use the concept 2 row machine since it simulates you holding onto the watercraft handle-bars while working on some of the same muscles that you would use during a race. Some exercises that I like to do in addition to the rower are deadlifts with burpees over the bar in between reps. If you don't know by now the wrath of the burpee, it is a push up then you stand up and jump, a full body workout. The deadlifts work on your lower body making your legs, back and core stronger which help me with gripping onto the seat of my runabout which in turn helps take some stress off my upper body. These two simple exercises not only work your upper body such as your chest, triceps, and biceps it also puts your heart rate at a high bpm (beats per minute). When your heart rate is at a high bpm it increases your endurance, burns fat and helps you burn calories throughout the day even when your workout is over.

Just remember when working out for racing, keep the intensity high and the rest short. You will see big improvements in your training if you do this.

Now for the racing part, I recommend always look ahead and read the water. See where the waves are breaking. This will help you plan an approach and help you set up attacking the wave and it will help you react quicker to a constantly changing race track. Always charge, push yourself and never give up.

I hope I have given you a little insight on my training and riding that will help you become a more fit and better racer. Good luck and hope to see you at the races.

By : ProRider Magazine | 2017

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