In the pursuit of more horsepower and greater ignition efficiency, many performance-seekers have turned their sights towards ECU reflashing. While this aptly serves to unlock much of your factory personal watercraft’s engine control unit (ECU), it does so with a “one size fits all” philosophy. Disconnecting and shipping your PWC’s brain off to another state for a week or two (or in some cases, over a month), leaves you with a dead watercraft. And, if by happenstance, the new retuned ECU returns to you flawed, either in its code or the map provided doesn’t cooperate with your particular arrangement of aftermarket parts, you can expect a far longer downtime.

That is why for those seeking the utmost in both delivered performance and compatibility with a vast arrangements of aftermarket components, RIVA Racing’s Vi-Pec ECU still stands head and shoulders above the rest. While we could pontificate over the many features of the Vi-Pec itself, its another feature that truly separates RIVA from other ECU tuners: A multitude of programmable maps! RIVA Racing’s research & development team work tirelessly to explore hundreds of different combinations for a wide variety of applications. These maps are then dyno and lake tested prior to being uploaded to RIVA’s free Performance Map Library.

And because RIVA Racing is the only aftermarket parts manufacturer offering complete “Stage Kits,” allowing enthusiasts to increase their machine’s performance one step at a time, RIVA provides equally graded ECU tunes to match each stage of performance. Because so much is happening in the sport, RIVA’s library is perpetually being updated, be it for the speed-seeking enthusiast, Stock class racers or full blown Open class applications. And best of all, RIVA’s Vi-Pec library has maps that are 100-percent compatible with Sea-Doo’s iBR system, as well as maps for your Yamaha – either with or without RiDE functionality.