RIVA Racing 2016 RXP-X 350

Check out RIVA's latest custom build, based on the 2016 RXP-X 300!

RIVA Racing 2016 RXP-X Three-Quarter View

If ever lightning were to strike twice, it would be now: RIVA Racing unveiled at the 2016 Sea-Doo Dealer Show it’s incredibly awesome RIVA Racing Sea-Doo 2016 RXP-X 350. With an unprecedented 2,300 dealer representatives from across the planet on hand at the palatial Gaylord Opryland Resort in America’s Music City, Nashville, Tennessee, this past weekend, RIVA’s own Dave Bamdas was personally on hand to reveal it’s newest special edition top-of-the-line high performance personal watercraft.

“We wanted everyone to know that when they [the new Sea-Doos] hit dealers’ floors in January,” Bamdas explained to The Watercraft Journal, “That RIVA Racing will have a full line of performance products – including our Stage I, II and III kits – for all 300-horsepower models.” RIVA was provided the RXP-X to initiate testing months earlier to allow the aftermarket manufacturer to begin its parts development process in time for the release. The new engine, intercooler and relocation of key components (particularly in the RXT-X and GTX Limited) provided some logistical hurdles:

RIVA Racing 2016 RXP-X 350 Front/Back

“We’re very excited about the 300-horsepower models,” Bamdas continued. “Our research and development team are on the water every single day testing, tweaking and gathering data.” Due to the improvements made to the outgoing 1503 Rotax design by the ACE 300, RIVA needed to adjust accordingly. “Because of the position of the new pressure sensor in the factory intake manifold, we had to made adjustments to our billet Wilson manifold. Now, we’ve relocated the sensor so that it works for both 300 and previous 260 models.”

The choice to run their billet aluminum manifold came easy. Bamdas noted, “The stock RXP-X 300 is already making a lot of boost (18psi). With our components, we increase that so we didn’t want to split the two-piece plastic manifold.” Besides the newly redesigned RIVA/Wilson Billet Intake Manifold, the RXP-X 350 uses a RIVA Power Filter Kit, RIVA Cold Air Upgrade Kit, and a RIVA Catch Can/Engine Breather Kit.

The centerpiece is a new RIVA “GEN-4” Power Cooler that is 25-percent larger than the already stout factory intercooler, features billet end tanks (that won’t swell when hot) and fits in the factory location next to the heat exchanger above the pump tunnel without the need of replacement brackets. RIVA’s new Intercooler Tubing Upgrade Kit features a cast-in port for the Tial 50mm Blow-Off Valve (BOV).

RIVA Racing Vi-Pec

Feeding the larger ACE powerplant is a trio of 100lb injectors from RIVA’s Pro-Series Fuel Injector Kit, a new RIVA Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit and the RIVA/Vi-PEC V88R3 Pro-Series iControl ECU. Besides the use of the RIVA Valve Train Upgrade Kit 4Tec, there is nothing else “invasive” on this build – including any tweaks or changes to the supercharger! Besides an all-new RIVA Water Box and RIVA Rear Exhaust Kit, the engine is otherwise left alone save for bolt-on performance parts!

RIVA Racing Steering System

With power increased to 350 true dyno-proven horsepower, some serious attention needed to be given to keep the machine hooked up. To do this, a RIVA Stainless Steel Top-Loader Intake Grate (RXP-X), RIVA/Solas Race Pump & Nozzle (161mm/14-vein) and RIVA/Solas Concord Impeller were added. To handle all the added thrust, RIVA threw all of its handling components, namely the RIVA Pro-Series Sponson Kit, RIVA Performance Trim Tabs Kit (Fixed), RIVA Pro-Series Steering System, RIVA Pro-Bar iControl Handlebars, RIVA Bilet iControl Levers and a pair of ODI Rogue Grips.

RIVA Racing Pro Series Sponsons

The one-off RXP-X 350 also features a custom Hydro-Turf Traction Mat Kit, RIVA/Jettrim Custom Seat Cover and RIVA Race Graphics Kit (from Exotic Signs) all purposefully designed to parallel the eye-catching orange, white and black RIVA Edition Yamaha FZR 350 unveiled late last month. Unlike the FZR 350, the RXP-X will not be offered as a limited edition machine available through RIVA Racing. Rather, the 350-horsepower Sea-Doo is to illustrate what can be built using RIVA’s performance products, many of which are available right now. (All of the above hyperlinks lead to current 215, 255 and 260 Sea-Doo models. – Ed.)

Right now, the RXP-X 350 has been boxed up and is on its way to the official RIVA Racing booth at this year’s IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. If you’re going, there is your chance to see it and the RIVA Edition FZR 350 in person. Otherwise, swoon over these pictures and start saving up for January when you can build your own 350-horsepower RXP-X through RIVA Racing!

By : KEVIN SHAW | 2015

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