Safe racing is fast racing, particularly when considering a collision can result in either serious injury to you, your ski, the other racer, or in the least bit, a disqualification from the event. At no point is "rubbin' is racin" a good idea.

Even the slightest of contacts can slow you down, so indeed safe passing is fast passing, and that is why we turned to to RIVA Racing/Sea-Doo rider Erminio Iantosca to explain how to execute the perfect pass:

"If I'm behind someone, I watch their lines around the track, read the water and apply tons of pressure in each turn." [By "pressure," Erminio means following closely in an effort to distract or disorient the other racer.] "By doing this, you're in control and can pick and choose where you want to pass them on the track."

"When I feel like I'm ready and have the place to pass them, I start out wide to the side of the rider in front of me. As we approach the buoy, I dive underneath them [cutting the apex of the turn early] and use the wake of my ski to push them wide. This should set you up for the next turn where you should have the better line and the speed to put on the pass and come out in front."

For less experienced racers, this maneuver might strike a little to close for comfort. Erminio offers a second option: "Now, if there is a split course, what I like to do is get as close to the rider as I can before getting to the split, and whichever side the rider in front of me takes, I go the the opposite. There, I try to put the smoothest fast turns down I can, which - in timing it right - should either put you in ahead of your competitor coming out of the split or close enough to be able to pass them in the next turn coming off the front straight."

In using these techniques you can seriously up your riding game and come home with some nice hardware to boot. Lastly, Erminio concluded, "I'm glad I could share with you some passing tips that I have leaned over the years. Thank you so much, and ride safe and smart."

By : KEVIN SHAW | 2014