MaptunerX Dealer Service Application With 1 Year Subscription


Introducing the ultimate, all-in-one diagnostic tool for Powersports dealerships and performance shops. The MaptunerX Dealer Service Application runs directly on the MaptunerX Tuning Device eliminating the need for a PC, internet connection or special manufacturer licensing. User friendly interface enables service technicians to quickly identify vehicles upon connecting eliminating need for timely ‘Read In/Read Out’ operation. Functions include: Read & Clear Fault Codes, Programming Keys, Reset & Calibrate Throttle, Reset Service Indicator, View & Reset Service History, Test Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pump, Coils & iBR, Real-time Engine Sensor Monitoring, and Detailed Vehicle Information.

  • Compatible with Yamaha, BRP, Kawasaki & Polaris. (Click Here for Vehicle Application Chart)
  • Does not require a RIVA Tuning License.
  • 1-year initial subscription requires yearly renewal (RR110-DSA-R).

Software only. MaptunerX Tuning Device and other hardware sold separately.



on orders over $150



Auto-detect function identifies specific model when app is launched, eliminating need for time-consuming "read-in" & "read-out" operation for each individual vehicle.

Read & Clear Fault Codes
Displays active & past fault codes recorded in the ECU along with description of each fault. Reset fault codes with push of a button.

Program D.E.S.S. Keys
Add or delete D.E.S.S. (Digitally Encoded Security System) keys. Also permits user to program each key with one of three key-types: Normal, Learning, or Rental. Provides option to disable D.E.S.S. security function making it possible to start the vehicle with any key.
NOTE: Not compatible with 2003~11 models equipped with Siemens ECU.

Reset & Calibrate Throttle
Prompts ECU to record the minimum & maximum throttle position (TPS) values in the ECU. This function must be performed when the throttle body or the ECU is replaced.

Reset Service
Allows user to reset service indicator which starts countdown to next factory programmed service interval. Also displays important detailed service information including date of last service, hours since last service, service location & total running hours.

Reset History
This function will erase the recorded running history in the ECU. Recorded diagnostic information such as RPM, sensor readings, etc. will be deleted from ECU memory.

Allows real time viewing of vital vehicle data, letting you see far beyond your dashboard gauge. This information is critical for performance tuning and service diagnostics. Monitors and displays multiple vehicle parameters including: Temperature Sensors, RPM, Speed, Ignition Timing, TPS, MAP Sensor & Battery Voltage. Also displays LAMBDA/02 with optional accessories listed below.

Energize Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pump and Ignition Coils with audible tone that confirms proper operation. Actuate iBR bucket on 2016 & newer Sea-Doo models.

Pair Cluster
Enables pairing new dash display with wiring harness & ECU on 2016 & newer Sea-Doo models.