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RIVA MaptunerX Rental Tuning


Our MaptunerX Rental Tuning delivers a huge fuel savings and reduced top speed for commercial use. Acceleration and power for 2-up riding are unchanged while limiting maximum top speed for rental customers. Designed specifically for Yamaha VX models with TR-1 engine.

Rental Tuning Features:
  • Reduced Top Speed (53 MPH is reduced to 45 MPH). Custom top speed tuning available
  • Fuel economy improved 20% with updated fuel map
  • Increased reliability through reduced ignition timing

This ECU tuning service is performed with the MaptunerX ECU programming system and a Rental Tuning License. Once the Rental Tuning License is applied to your ECU, future tuning changes can be made at no additional charge. This includes restoring the original factory tune.

Customer Review

I am very happy with the huge fuel savings and reduced top speed after reflashing my Yamaha VX rental fleet with the Maptuner X system!
Dave H Atlantic Beach Clubs, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Rental Tuning Options:

A) Purchase the MaptunerX and programming cable so you can tune your rental fleet on location. We will email you Tuning License.

B) Send your ECU to us and we will program it at no charge with the purchase of a Rental Tuning License.

Step 1- After buying this ECU Rental Tune Service online- Print and complete the Rental ECU Form
(download by clicking here)

Step 2- Package the form and the ECU together and send to:

RIVA Racing
Attention: ECU Reflash
3671 N. Dixie Highway
Pompano Beach, FL 33064

Step 3- We will contact you when we receive your ECU to confirm details.

Step 4- Free return shipping for continental USA customers!

Any questions always feel free to contact us:
Phone: USA 800-241-4544 International 954-785-2684

Pricing: $200.00
Free Shipping (Continental USA Only)


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We are constantly developing new tunes for all Yamaha, Sea-Doo, and Kawasaki models.


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