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XLT1200 `02-05 / XLL1200` 99-01 RPM Kit


Performance Data

Note: All testing performed with 1/3 tank of fuel, trim in neutral, sea level elevation, air temp 80-degrees F.

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RIVA Performance Power Filter Kit is installed. to increase airflow to motor. No internal carburetor modifications are performed. "Tamper Caps" are removed from high and low speed carburetor adjustment screws to optimize carb settings.

RIVA Cat Removal D-Plate is insalled in place of restrictive catalytic converter increasing top-end speed while reducing under-hood operating temeratures and allwing the use of regular 2-storke oild. A high quality stainless steel replica of the plate that is standard equipment on export model Yamaha watercraft without emission contols

RIVA Cat Temp Sensor Chip is installedto prevent warning lights & beepers from activating when catalytic converter is removed.

RIVA Pump Seal Kit is installed. Location specific molded inserts are siliconed into the voids of the OE pump inlet shoe significantly reducing cavitation.

Top-Loader Intake Grate is installed. Intake grate provides increase top speed through better jet pump efficiency in choppy water conditions. Also, Prop spin and cavitation found with the stock grate is greatly reduced, resulting in improved acceleration.

Solas Concord Impeller is installed. After extensive impeller testing we found the Solas 12/18 Concord to be the best all around impeller for stock and the RPM Kit for the XLT/XLL 1200's. Billet impeller nose cone included.

OUT OF STOCK - Ride Plate is installed. Increases "hull lift" when on plan resulting in increased in top speed.

NOTE: RIVA Performance Kits intended for competition use only.

Additional Upgrades

These are additional performance upgrade parts that can be purchased individually to improve the performance kit.


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