Chad Saxon

Chad Saxon
Chad Saxon

Chad Saxon Pro-Rider

  • Race Number
  • Location
    Orange Beach, AL
  • Age
  • Region
  • Craft
    Yamaha VXR
  • Racing class
    Runabout NA and 200 hp AquaX
  • Recent Titles
    2015 IJSBA Runabout NA National Champion, Cocoa Beach FL and 2015 3rd Overall 200 hp AquaX USA
  • Started
    First race was AquaX Daytona 2015
  • Training
    Rowing, Pushup routine, and some strength training. Rowing for 30 minutes, that's the key!
  • Sponsors
    Riva, Advanced Carpet Cleaning and Restoration
  • Most Proud of
    Cocoa Beach FL, Grand Prix of the Sea. I raced AquaX and IJSBA National Championship in one weekend. I finished 2nd overall in AquaX 209 class and won the IJSBA Runabout NA National Championship. Cherry on top was the 2nd place Riva Rookie Cup that weekend.

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